Isao Tokuhashi


What I do is to shine a light on you.


To develop personal appeal and deliver it directly to people without exaggerating - that's my mission.

I even think "I must not shine into myself". Even if I'm shot into the limelight, I'll continue to meet people, develop their appeals and convey them to the readers in the most comprehensible way.

■I've written articles in:
My Eyes Tokyo(English)- World Talks About Tokyo & Japan -
My Eyes Tokyo(Japanese)〜日本を伝え、世界を知る〜
Huffington Post Japan

People who have lived a fierce life, people who have won their ways, people who are unknown and have strived hard for success... I want to meet them to hear their stories and shake my soul - That's the root of my activities.

I've kept hearing the voices of the attractive people from any nation and transmit them to the rest of the world, even though nobody but one online media and one YouTube personality looked at me.

I haven't advertised my activities to people so much because what someone told me stuck in my ear.

"You shouldn't suck up to big names. Be a person whom big names ask to be interviewed."

It means "Good things come to attention naturally".
Of course not all.

But I've not been self-confident, I've not been good at adorning my profile. So I've never pitched myself to media. I've contacted people who I got interested in, asked them for interviews and edited their stories single-mindedly.

Then finally I got interviewed by an influential English media.

I had never told them about my activities. One of its writers follows the twitter account of my own media - that's it.

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So now I can say with confidence.
"People will look at it if you continue it"
I'll continue to hear your voice, frame it in a story and spread it around the world.

Career History

  • Organizer/Manager/writer of My Eyes Tokyo (October 2006 -)
    ・Online media which contain interviews with expats in Japan
  • Published the book of My Eyes Tokyo (March 2009)


  • Produced My Eyes Tokyo Radio show (Chuo-FM 84.0 Apr. 2010 - Mar. 2012)
    *Listen from here.
  • Approved by FCCJ, Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan, as a member in May 2012 (- Oct 2013)
  • Director NHK newsroom (September 2004 - November 2009) Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
    Working for NHK BS News (Japanese) and NEWSLINE (English) as a director. Those programs are broadcasted 24/7.
  • Director of Asahi Homecast (February 2003 - April 2004) Costa Mesa, CA, USA
    In charge of the whole process of programming, such as interviewing/filming/writing/editing/narrating.
  • Intern at KMPH-TV (February 2001 - March 2002) Fresno, CA, USA
    Took a one-year training course at the FOX-affiliated TV station. Produced some news segments related to the local Japanese-American society.
  • Assistant Director/Director Van Eight (April 1997 - March 2000) Minato-ku, Tokyo
    Working for Fuji TV programs/Fuji News Network. Joined the press club at Tokyo District Court (Nov. 1997 - Apr. 1998)

Isao Tokuhashi
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