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Deriving your story by conducting an interview and visualizing it by writing it up will enable you or your product/service to be one with great appeal and eternal value.

Promoting yourself or your product by shouting information like a commercial is ceasing to be effective, especially after the emergence of SNS. Everything is fully transparent in the SNS era, so hyperboles are spotted easily.

What has appeared instead is what is known in the TV world as a program rather than a commercial. A recent example is the Chinese restaurant chain called "Hidakaya" which was featured on a TV documentary. Many people praised the president as "wonderful" and expressed their desire to eat at Hidakaya in the future.


A commercial is only "a 15-second simple self-introduction". A story is exactly longer and deeper than it.

If a story is written by others, not by oneself, it attains a high level of confidence because it's written from another person's point of view.

Moreover, there's a new movement in the media industry right now.

As for news releases sent from companies, the media says, "We'll pay attention to it if they tell us its background as a story". Because producers or writers don't need to make a plan and story is memorable than information.

I guess many people know that.


So let me ask you something.

"Is there anyone who can edit stories both in Japanese and English that move people's hearts around you?"

☆Samples of Japanese Articles☆

どうか目を離さないでください。東北には、今なお続いている問題が山積しているのです -- アンドリュー・グライムズさん

落語は人生のユートピアです -- 吳繼棻さん


☆Samples of English Articles☆

Standing in the bustle of Tokyo, I realized that at the very core, we are not so different after all.

Tokyo doesn’t need to be like anybody else. Tokyo doesn’t need to be like New York or London.

To eliminate cultural and economical segregation – that’s my dream.

Interviewees: Generally "Individuals"

  • Foreign staffs at Japanese companies
  • Representatives or staffs of companies that are planning to cultivate a market in Japan
  • Founders or staffs of startups that are aiming at participating in markets in Japan

☆Contents of Article☆

Stories behind people's activities, projects, products or services *Services are available in English.


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